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Sterling Silver & 14k Gold Elven Earrings

Sterling Silver Amulet of Arnuminel Dangles
Arnuminel™ Earrings

Amulet of Arnuminel™ dangles from the Niobe: She is Life™ comics series.  The officially licensed Arnuminel earrings are available in sterling silver or bronze.

$45.00 - $59.00
Sterling Silver Amulet of Arnuminel Studs
Arnuminel™ Studs

Special Priced - Stud style Amulet of Arnuminel™ earrings from the comics series, Niobe: She is Life™.  The Arnuminel studs are officially licensed with the publisher, Stranger Comics.

$29.00 - $39.00
Lothlorien Elven Realms Earrings
Elven Realms Earrings

The Elven Realms Earrings hold an elven stone set between two leaves from the trees of Lothlorien™.  Choose from three colors of stones, each representing one of the Elven strongholds of Middle-earth™ - blue for Rivendell™, green for Mirkwood™, or white for Lothlorien.  The officially licensed The Lord of the Rings™ earrings cast in solid sterling silver.

Mirkwood™ Elven Earrings - Emeralds of Girion™
Mirkwood™ Elven Earrings - Emeralds of Girion™

The Mirkwood™ Elven Earrings, two of the Emeralds of Girion™ set in pair of delicate elven leaves.  The officially licensed The Hobbit ® Earrings are available in sterling silver, 14k gold and 14k white gold.

$59.00 - $939.00
Powisienne Symbol Dangles on Ear
Powisienne™ Symbol Earrings

Dangle style earrings with the feather-like symbol of Powisienne, the God of Nature worshiped by the Galemren elves in the comic book series, NIOBE: She is Life by Sebastian A. Jones.  The earrings are available in sterling silver.