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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you do custom engraving?
    No, we currently do not have an engraving machine at our facility.  It's easy to find a local jewelry shop who engraves or a trophy engraving shop to custom engrave your jewelry.  Just make sure they have experience engraving rings and jewelry before you have them do it.
  • Can I wear the GollumTM  Gold One RingTM on my finger?
    We don't suggest it.  The ring is cast in bronze which can oxidize and turn green with constant contact from your finger and the sweat from your hands.  These rings are intended to be worn as a necklace pendant, not as a ring on the finger.  They are only available in one size.
  • The silver ring I bought has turned my finger green or black, Why?
    Don't panic, the ring is solid sterling silver (92.5% Silver).  This "green finger effect" is a reaction between the acidity content of your sweat with an alloy in the sterling silver.  It happens to about 1 in 60 people.  Most retail jewelry is industrial plated with rhodium (rhodium is in the same metals family as platinum), which prevents this reaction from happening.  We do not industrial plate all of our rings.  

    If your are having this reaction, we are happy to plate your ring for free with rhodium.  Just send the ring back with a copy of your sales receipt and a note that you need the ring rhodium plated.  NOTE:  We suggest insuring the package for the value of the ring.  We will not replace or refund rings lost or stolen in the mail while in delivery from you to us.

    Another solution is to simply clean the ring every day with a silver polishing cloth.  They can be found at local jewelry stores or department store jewelry counters.  After about a week or two, the reaction will stop occurring.
  • Can I order items with different gemstones than offered on the website?
    Yes, please contact us for prices and availability.  These are considered Special Order Items and are not returnable or refundable.  We are also willing to set your stones in our jewelry, as long as the stones are the correct dimensions.
  • Do you do custom jewelry designs?
    Yes, we enjoy bringing perfect piece of jewelry you been envisioning to life.  Please contact us for a price estimate.  Paul is only able to take on a certain amount of custom orders each month.  The closer to Christmas, the less likely we will be able to take on a custom order project.  Most custom orders take between three and five weeks for design and production.  Custom orders have an art charge between $100 and $250, plus the cost of materials and labor for the production of your design.  Custom orders are non-returnable.
  • When will I get my order?
    We cast every Tuesday and Thursday.  Orders are shipped out five to seven days after the casting date.  Often there is a shorter waiting time.  Feel free to contact us for the projected production time for your order.
  • Do I have to order online using the shopping cart?
    You can make orders with a credit card or PayPal account by calling us toll free at 1-800-788-1888 or fax your order to 801-773-1801.   You can also place your order by mail with a check or money order.  Click Here for a printable order form.   Orders from outside of the US can be made by mail order with an international money order or bank check in US funds.  Please do not send cash.  Click Here for more instructions.
  • I don't have a credit card, how can I order?
    We accept checks and money orders as well as credit cards.  We accept international money orders and bank checks in US funds for orders from outside of the US.  Please do not send cash.  Click Here for a printable order form.
  • How do I change my order?
    If you've already sent in your order or completed your order online, please contact us as soon as possible by telephone (800-788-1888 / 801-773-1801) or email (

    If you haven't completed your order, click View Cart in the top right hand corner.  This will direct you to your shopping cart basket where you can remove or edit items you have added to your shopping cart.
  • How do I cancel my order?
    If you have not checked out yet, you can edit or remove items from your shopping cart basket by clicking View Cart in the top right hand corner of the website.  

    If you have completed your order, you can cancel your order by contacting us before 6:00 pm Mountain Standard Time the day your order was placed (or the following day if your order is placed after 6:00 PM Mountain Standard Time).  Please call us toll free at 1-800-788-1888.  Orders canceled after the order date will be issued an 8% fee of the order total.
  • If I order the wrong size, can I exchange the ring?
    Yes, there is a $20.00 resizing charge for silver rings and a $50 charge for gold rings.  Charges include return shipping charges within the United States (additional shipping charges apply to address outside the US, please email us for the total charges).   You should mail the ring back in a well padded and insured package.  We do not replace or refund jewelry lost or stolen in the mail when returned for resizing.  Make sure to include proof of purchase, your new ring size, your name, return shipping address and the resizing payment (payable to Badali Jewelry) with your ring.  Mail to:  BJS, Inc., 320 W. 1550 N. Suite E, Layton, UT, 84041, USA.
  • What is your return policy?
    Items can be returned for a refund within 20 days of the date of shipping.  There is a 15% restocking fee and shipping is not refundable.  If any damage has been caused by regular wear or damage from improper packaging of the returned item, an additional $20.00 fee will be assessed.  Custom orders, platinum jewelry, and rose gold or palladium white gold items are not returnable or refundable.  

    A refund will be issued once the item is returned to us in it's original condition along with proof of purchase.  Refunds will be issued by the same form of payment originally received when the order was placed.  Items should be returned in protective and insured packaging.  We are not responsible for items lost or stolen in delivery.
  • I Can't Find My Country in the shopping cart check out.  Why?
    There are countries we can not ship to due to customs regulations against the import of jewelry, precious metals, or gems.  Feel free to contact us with your address as we may be able to ship to your area, but not your country as a whole.  We reserve the right to remove or add countries we service at any time.

    Import duty fees and/or customs taxes are not included with shipping charges.  These charges are the recipient's responsibility at the time of delivery.  Packages refused at the time of delivery will not be refunded.  We have no way to determine the customs charges or fees for you.  We suggest contacting your local post office or customs official.